Full Day Marrakesh City Tour

A full day walking tour of the Medina takes you through a labyrinth of narrow alleyways, filled with the colors and aromas of one of Morocco’s most engaging cities. Emerging from the Dyers’ Souk into the clamour of Marrakech’s famous Djemaa el Fna Square, you’ll take in a scene straight out of the Arabian Nights. This is the beating heart of the city and you’ll have time to wander or just enjoy the scene from one of the square’s roof top cafes.

Full day introduction to this Garden City, visit the dramatic Almohad Koutoubia Minaret and the lavishly-decorated Saadien Tombs – some dating from the middle 1550s.

Spend some time in the Dar El Bacha Palace before walking through the labyrinth of narrow alleyways making up the renowned cool, colorful and aromatic Souks of Marrakech. The Dyers‟ Souk being the last to be visited you emerge into the famous Djemâa el Fna Square (which translates as “Assembly of the Dead‟), where, until the 19th century, the severed heads of criminals were traditionally displayed. Now we see stalls of goods, from fruit to alarm clocks; snake charmers and water sellers; fortune tellers and public scribes; tumblers and nakkachat – women with syringes full of henna – soothsayers and gnaoua musicians. The perfect start to any stay in Marrakech for, without a doubt, you will be back in the souks for more.

Next, we cross the Agdal Gardens and continue along the old city ramparts, proceeding to the lush botanical Majorelle Gardens which are privately owned by Yves St. Laurent. Here we stop for a stroll.

Duration: 7 Hours

Includes: English speaking tour guide – Entrance Fees.

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